Dr. Rusty Shackleford (aweofshe) wrote in d_o_a,
Dr. Rusty Shackleford

[selling] DOA merchandise: keychains, posters, shitajiki, stickers, figures, etc

Hello! I'm a big fan of the Dead or Alive series and over the past year have managed to amass a rather large collection of merchandise.

My highest priority right now are 11 large posters that came bundled with one of the limited collector's editions of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (mine were bought separately, tho). These posters are huge, high quality, and in great condition. I only wanted 1 poster from this bundle and am just trying to make my money back. Saw a single poster sell for $70 on eBay, so hoping my asking prices are reasonable. @@

For more details and pictures, please see MY SALES POST: http://skyrendsales.livejournal.com/2314.html

Thank you!
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