fanny_sama (fanny_sama) wrote in d_o_a,

Good pics from DOA 3 or DOA-Ultimate?

Hi there! Seeing as I´m the newest member introducing myself might be appropriate, lol. Errhm.... don´t really know what to say so I´ll go straight forward with my question.
I´ve been a fan of DOA ever since I got DOA 4 (yeah, lol I´ve been playing or errhm... watching the games in the wrong order). I´ve been playing DOA 4 like a mad woman and got so into that I had to check the earlier games up (on youtube though *sigh* since they´re no longer byeable). And however, I like the games more for the characters then anything else. And I have noticed that one particular character (my favorite to be exact) was WAY hotter in DOA Ultimate and DOA 3 then any of the other games. And I´m talking about a certain Russian assassin. Have been looking like crazy for good Bayman-pics from 3 and DOAU but have only found a few. So if you know where I could find some, please share XD!
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