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Dead or Alive fandom help

Fan History Wiki is a project dedicated to the history of all things fandom. It is a wiki that anyone can edit, with currently over 7,150 articles, 550 members, and 1.5 million page views. The contents include information such as histories of fandoms and their development, important contributors to fandoms, the etymology of fan words, as well as information on various kerfluffles in fandom. As an influential member of the Dead or Alive fandom, Fan History Wiki would love for you to contribute what you know about your fandom, to communities you belong to by editing those pages. For Dead or Alive, these include FanWorks.Org, d_o_a, and LiveJournal. Fan History Wiki would also appreciate it if you could plug the site in your fandom to get more contributions to those page so that Dead or Alive can preserve its history, and have it told by as many different voices as possible.


FanWorksFinder is a fan art, fic, meta and vid search engine! New works are added via user submissions or from RSS feeds. FanWorksFinder.Com is also a review site, designed for members of fandom by members of fandom with their interests as consumers of fanworks in mind. There are currently 263,282 total works on the site and 55 from Dead or Alive. FanWorksFinder would appreciate it if you could add works from your community to the database. This would help promote your users work, and give them more attention, help readers better navigate your community by making works more readily searchable. FanWorksFinder.Com would also appreciate it if you could post a link to FanWorksFinder.Com on the community you help maintain.

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